About us

Terol & Jay is a social brand of fashion, accessories and gifts

This social brand was born with the vision of promoting the union of the women of the world, regardless of their origin or place of origin.

In a current social context where the figure of women needs a greater role, we have created a world where social and material commitment are intertwined.

All our products will capture the essence of different parts of the world as a way of promoting the union of women, but not only that...

In our social networks you can find high-value social content.

Our social research team spends long hours finding and shaping "women's success stories", "world landmarks" or even debunking "myths and legends about women".

Did it seem little to you? There is even more, Terol & Jay is committed to allocate 10% of the profits obtained during the year 2023 to social initiatives that support women entrepreneurs in developing countries

At Terol & Jay we want to have your support, we are open to your proposals for improvement and even to you joining the team.

Finally... we say again that we need you, a unique and independent woman.

We need you because we want to create a better world.