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We can finally welcome you to the Terol & Jay blog, a place where we will publish weekly articles and chronicles about fashion and women from different countries of the world, the essence of this brand.

First of all, we would like to talk to you about the birth of this brand, since the vision of the brand is to promote the union of all women in the world through fashion.

Terol & Jay essence t-shirts reflect the essence of each woman, her country and her cultural references, so that you and all of us also feel part of that culture.

As you surely know, we are currently in a situation where the social movement in favor of women is something that is on the rise, getting more followers and, above all, making us aware of its importance.

However, there are countries, some of them reflected in our collections, where women continue to be oppressed, without full rights to act, and above all, without FREEDOM.

From Terol & Jay, we want you as a woman to be part of this social movement, a movement to help other women from other less fortunate countries, where the situation must change and improve.

As you will be looking through the next scents of the world (that's what our collections are called), we will continue to capture cultural characteristics from around the world, in honor of the woman who lives in a certain area or country.

Currently, you can find the essence of Scandinavia, Egypt, Sub-Saharan Africa and Japan, and more essences will continue to join so that in the end, all women are one.

The objective of this blog is to bring all these women closer, to know their customs, their fashion, their culture, so that when we wear one of these garments, we know what kind of history we carry with us.

We would love for this blog to be dynamic, where you can comment on your concerns about the new essences that we are creating, and above all, learn together.

For now we say goodbye, but only until next week, when we will return with a new blog entry talking about one of our beloved essences.

Thank you very much for reading and above all, Welcome!!

Author: Rocio Poquet


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