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Welcome back to the Terol & Jay blog, where we are going to bring you closer to each of the essences of the world!

This week I bring you a bit of Japanese culture but in order to understand and enjoy it, I have to talk to you first about the history of fashion in this country.

Everyone knows that the Kimono is one of the most emblematic garments of Japanese fashion, but in its beginnings it was not as we know it today. So much so, that in the period when Japan was under Chinese influence, it was called Kosode . This garment was used as underwear and had a "T" shape , and they even put layers and layers of Kosode on top of each other.


Subsequently, the Kimono would go from being a garment of intimate fashion to being a symbol of refinement and luxury. All this occurs in the HEIAN period, where Kimonos begin to be differentiated according to gender (male and female), and the development of this garment begins, using colors, prints, exquisite fabrics, reaching the point where women only used this garment in official ceremonies.


Over the years, specifically in the EDO period, the use of the Kimono is normalized and is used by all social classes, thus becoming the traditional garment of the country, which although currently only used in ceremonies such as weddings , has managed to cross borders and be a source of inspiration for large luxury brands.

Focusing again a little on the present, Japan is among the 20 most influential countries in terms of fashion, being ranked number 17.

Everyone knows that Tokyo is the emblem of "Street style ", since walking through its streets and neighborhoods it is easy to find young people who could perfectly be parading on a fashion catwalk.

This street fashion is based on the ease in the combination of colors, prints... an outlandish fashion that is attractive to everyone.


How could it be otherwise, at Terol & Jay, we had to pay homage to Japanese fashion with the creation of our essence.

In addition to the Japanese woman, faithful to her style and traditions, we wanted to accompany her with the Japanese national bird such as the Pheasant or Kiji , key to many national stories and mythologies.

Focusing on the Japanese woman, it is worth noting the strength and fidelity to their traditions until the end of their days. She is a woman who is faithful to herself and her principles and where in the family and society, they have a fundamental role and great weight , although it may not seem so from the outside, they have great weight in economic and family decisions.

Analyzing all these essences, we will verify how, after all, all women, regardless of culture, are very similar to each other, and the most beautiful thing is to learn the culture of each one of them...

It is definitely a culture that I would give to talk at length, and if you want it to be so, you just have to put it in the comments and we will dedicate another day to the Essence of Japan, so that we can continue learning together from the women of the world.


I send you millions of kisses again and I hope you enjoy our scents for another week !

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