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On this occasion we want to talk to you about the Essence of Sub-Saharan Africa, about this woman that we have in a continent so close to ours and who is really a great unknown.

Africa, a continent that includes 54 countries, 2,000 languages ​​spoken and with more than 1,300 million inhabitants, is one of the largest in the world and where there is more inequality and less literacy.

In the case of the African woman, she is a fighter and a great entrepreneur, despite all the difficulties they have due to their gender.

These women do not have access to education, which, as you can imagine, limits their development and makes it difficult for them to manage everything from financial tasks to simply using a mobile phone. However, this does not cause her to corner herself and not get ahead, she is a powerfully enterprising woman, who tries to sell anything to earn a living, such as surpluses from her crop.

The image that comes to mind when we think of the African woman is of a woman of color, wearing large turbans, surrounded by children and working from sunrise to sunset.


Despite the difficulties they face every day, they do not lose their smile, they wear their colored robes and with these they illuminate their shortcomings and difficulties.

Focusing a bit on fashion, there is currently an initiative called FASHIONOMICS, which promotes the development of the textile and design industry in Africa.

Going into this initiative, I have been able to verify that there are several African fashion brands, where they promote their traditions, their culture and said brands are run by women entrepreneurs!

One of these potential brands is called "Chillimango" and they are t-shirts that are succeeding among African youth who are proud of their origins.



The brand's most characteristic t-shirt is the “Made in Kenya” model, and you can find everything from unisex t-shirts to baby bodies!

I leave you here the web link because it is really interesting!


Another of the brands that is gaining popularity among Africans is “DEF.I.NI.TION.”.

It is a brand created by three women and whose hallmark is “made in Africa”. They sell all kinds of t-shirts, caps, scarves, but created with 100% African cotton, which makes the production and essence of this brand really special and indigenous.

Like the brand mentioned above, it is a brand where they want to capture the pride of being African, being faithful to patterns, volumes and shapes.


As you will have been able to verify after reading this article, this culture is full of difficulties for women, however, despite all this, they manage to resurface, strengthen their culture and be able to take the pride of their origins around the world.

Author: Rocio Poquet


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