How to combine your essences shirt in autumn

Do you love your essentials t-shirt but don't know how to combine it in autumn? Or, don't you know how to include them in your daily or office looks? Well, stay here and I'll help you to combine it in a thousand different ways.

That's right, you're not the only one who finds it hard to find the perfect outfit this season, but with the tips that I'll give you below, you'll be able to wear your essentials shirt in a chic way!

Of course, all of us here are in love with essence t-shirts (we all have one of them), but there comes a time of year when you don't know how to include it in your casual, office or simply looks. to go out with some friends.

Well, then I show you different ways to include your shirt in your outfits, whatever it is.

To The Office:

A few years ago, it was unthinkable to incorporate a women's T-shirt into an office look, but thanks to influencers, catwalks and fashion editors, this has been possible.

Not only have we been able to include it in our looks, but today it is an indisputable basic that should be in our wardrobe, (And if you hurry me, in a capsule wardrobe, too, although I will talk about it in another post) .

Well, in my case, I have accompanied our essences t-shirt, with blazers of different colors and models, so you can see how, regardless of the style of the blazer, this women's t-shirt looks perfect with any of them.

    • In a pink “Chanel” blazer. Well yes! Because going to the office does not mean going boring, plus it gives you an ideal touch of color. As you can see, I have combined my sub-Saharan African essence with black pleated pants and sneakers.

pink blazer with t-shirt background woman of the essence sub-saharan africa

    • With a brown blazer . We are very lucky that these women's t-shirts are very versatile thanks to the colors they have, so we can combine them with an infinite number of colors and they do not clash at all. In this case, I have accompanied it with a brown blazer, with buttons on both sides, which gives it a more serious touch, but is also ideal for going to the office.

Brown blazer with a bottom of a woman's t-shirt with a print of the essence of sub-Saharan Africa

Casual smart look:

Because everything is not going to be work, I bring you some ideas for your Smart casual looks, which will not leave anyone indifferent!

    • With a gray oversize bomber . If yes, you read well!, and it is that these shirts look good even with clothes that you have to know very well what you combine them with so as not to make a fool of yourself. I cannot deny that I am in love with this outfit, it seems ideal, different and giving full prominence to our favorite essence.

Gray oversize bomber with bottom of women's t-shirt with sub-Saharan African essence print

    • In a striped sweater. I suppose you've heard that one of the latest trends, apart from our organic essence t-shirts, are striped sweaters. Correct! Our t-shirt can be combined with this latest fashion trend! And it doesn't have to be just the color I show you in the photo, you can also combine it with your black or navy blue striped sweater that we see so much now in stores!

stripe sweater with sub-saharan africa essence print women's t-shirt

To go out with your friends:

How could it be otherwise, a t-shirt of the essences, cannot be missing in a meeting with friends! Also, it seems to me the ideal moment to show it off and feel more feminine than ever!

    • With a leather jacket . Of course! A t-shirt from the essences can be combined with a "motomami" and hardcore look that we like so much now. In this case, I encourage you to combine it with a black leather jacket, paint your lips red and enjoy meeting friends 100%.

Black leather jacket with a woman's t-shirt with a print of the essence of sub-Saharan Africa

Well, now it's your turn, how would you combine your essence shirt? Tell me and I'll read you in the comments.

Thank you very much for reading us!

Author: Rocio Poquet


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